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4 Zavodskaya St., Al'met'evsk, Russian Federation

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  • ТНГ-АлГИС.

    100 thousand well loggings over the past five years

  • 100 thousand well loggings over the past five years

    Work at any weather and climatic conditions

  • География работ от Краснодара до камчатки

    Well loggings from Krasnodar to Kamchatka

  • Работа при любых погодных и климатических условиях

    Development of new service areas

  • 24/7 interpretation service

    24/7 interpretation service

  • Cобственные автотранспортный, ремонтный и научный центры

    Own motor transport, repair and research\scientific centers

  • Напишите нам, мы рады сотрудничеству!

    Do not hesitate to contact us, we are glad to cooperate

About the Company

TNG-ALGIS, LLC founded in 1953 is one of the largest geophysical companies in Tatarstan specializing in well logging.

The Company’s team includes more than 700 people, well operations are performed by more than 140 production crews, equipped with modern instrumentation and equipment.

The Company carries out the full range of downhole logging in the 6-kilometer-deep wells being drilled, horizontals and side tracks, provides services for geosteering and telemetering support of drilling operations. Oil fields development and technical condition of casing string are controlled, including video logging, surveys through annulus and “crewless” surveys; hydrodynamic surveys; different types of perforating-explosive operations, geotechnical surveys.


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